is a subsidiary of Distressed Jackets, a leather jackets business based in Houston, Texas in the United States. Super Jackets is specifically about the renowned leather jackets that have been worn by famous personalities and celebrities.

Much like our parent company, we have been into gaining trust from our customers across the globe by providing them state of the art fashionable and famous leather jackets.

Since we are the direct manufacturers, our prices are competitive whilst the quality is great. At we are committed in providing our customers the best of the leather jackets reproductions that are seen on the TV and theaters. So not only the Halloween props, we get you the best of the film and TV jackets in much less price. We deal in both genuine and faux leather and use the quality raw material to produce our artifacts.

Products at are simple. We sell the jackets that you see in the movies, television, or main stream media that are usually worn by celebrities and superstars.

Our products are manufactured by the team of dedicated craftsmen that have years of experience in tailoring high end products for global customers, yet keeping the costs low and our these products are shipped globally so whether you are sitting in Alaska or living in Saint Petersburg, from Auckland or Bolivia, we deliver our jackets to your doorstep in 5 to 10 working days usually once the order is placed.