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Cry Baby is considered to be one of the best teen American musical movies released in 1990. The light-hearted comedy movie has a soft spot in the heart of Americans. Another reason people loved the movie was its distinctive and modern outfits that are popular even today. One such outfit is that of the leader of the gang of drapes, Wade Walker, also called Cry Baby. He is seen wearing a classy Cry Baby jacket that reflects his robust and tough personality throughout the movie. The role played by Johnny Depp became a milestone in the fashion industry as to how he carried the outfit.

If you, too, want to be a trendsetter like Johnny Depp, you should order the replica Cry Baby jacket for yourself. The gorgeous Cry Baby leather jacket has an asymmetrical zipper front that gives it an ambitious appearance. The jacket also features an adjustable waist around the waistline to help you get the best fit. You enjoy a lapel collar with buttons on the corner and two front zipper pockets. The sleeves are long and fitted, making it quite appealing to the eyes. It also has the zipper cuffs just like in the movie, but you will not get the 'Cry Baby' logo on the back. It helps make the jacket a lot more versatile than you can wear to any event that you would like.

The Cry Baby jacket Johnny Depp will go perfectly with your clothes, and you are sure to attract a lot of gazes wherever you go. The jacket makes for an elegant outfit that you can wear all day and night without any problem. We have the jacket in many different sizes and offer custom sizing as per our customer's requirements. Do not miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of elegant and classy jacket that you will wear for many, many years.

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